CALGARY, ALBERTA-(Marketwired - Oct. 29, 2014) - Chinook Energy Inc. (TSX:CKE) (“Chinook”) announced today that its Board of Directors has approved a $135 million capital program for 2015 focusing on the development of liquids rich natural gas at Birley/Umbach, British Columbia and light oil at Grande Prairie, Alberta. Chinook is also updating its 2014 guidance and providing guidance for 2015.

2015 Capital Program

Chinook’s capital program for 2015 is designed to phase-in production growth throughout 2015 as Chinook moves from successful Montney delineation activity in 2014 to development of this resource in 2015.

2014 has been a defining year for Chinook as it completed its transformation from a hybrid international company to a focused western Canadian producer that is developing a large Montney resource across two very prospective areas. In 2015, Chinook intends to build on the success of 2014 as it moves toward full scale development and facility expansion at Birley/Umbach, further delineation at Gold Creek and continues its successful Dunvegan oil development program.

2015 Capital Program by Category
Expenditure Type $MM %
Drilling, Completion, Equip and Tie-In 93 69
Facilities and Infrastructure 23 17
Land and Seismic 11 8
Optimizations/Turnarounds/Abandonments 8 6
Total 135 100

2015 Capital Program by Area
Area - Zone $MM
Birley/Umbach (Montney) 97
Grande Prairie (Montney) (1) 10
Grande Prairie (Dunvegan) 21
Other 7
Total 135
(1) Additional well(s) may be included in 2015 and are contingent on results of current drilling operations at 14-12-69-6 W6 (Chinook 75%).
Birley/Umbach, British Columbia

Chinook’s capital program for 2015 at Birley/Umbach is a result of 2 (1.5 net) successful wells drilled by Chinook in 2014 which delineated the Montney potential over a large portion of Chinook’s 54 (45 net) sections of contiguous Montney lands. Chinook’s first well at a-60-k/94-H-3 was initially brought on at a restricted IP30 rate of 3.9 mmcf/d and 70 bbls/mmcf of liquids. The well, which has 100 days of operated production, is currently producing at 4.3 mmcf/d and 34 bbls/mmcf of liquids. Chinook’s second well at d-A83-H/94-H-3 was completed and tested in early October and is scheduled to be brought on production by mid-November 2014. Favourable results from our first two wells at Birley/Umbach has resulted in a 30% increase to our expected initial 30 day production rate from 3.5 mmcf/d to 4.5 mmcf/d. Chinook plans to drill 6 (5.6 net) wells in the first quarter of 2015 and expand its existing facility, which will increase current throughput capacity from 4 mmcf/d to approximately 35 mmcf/d, upon completion in the second quarter of 2015. Following spring break-up, Chinook expects to drill up to 6 (5.5 net) additional wells in the third quarter of 2015.

Grande Prairie, Alberta - Montney

At Gold Creek, Chinook has budgeted a follow up development well (0.375 net) expected to be drilled in the third quarter of 2015 as a result of its previously announced successful Montney well (0.373 net) drilled in 2014 and subsequent results from offsetting operators. Facility construction and pipeline tie-in of Chinook’s first well are complete and Chinook anticipates bringing the well on production by mid-November 2014. In addition, Chinook is currently drilling a second Montney well (75% working interest) at Gold Creek which, if successful, may justify an expansion of the budgeted 2015 capital program along with pending results from several recent wells drilled by other operators immediately offsetting Chinook’s 50 (35 net) sections of Montney lands at Gold Creek.

Grande Prairie Area, Alberta - Dunvegan

Chinook plans to drill 4 (4 net) wells at Albright and 6 (2 net) wells at Karr in the second half of 2015 following another successful drilling program in 2014. Chinook continues to show strong rates of return on its Dunvegan program with production added at approximately $16,000 per flowing barrel of oil equivalent based on initial 90 day production rates. To date, Chinook has been active on just two of its current six Dunvegan oil pools in the Grande Prairie area with a current estimated inventory of over 80 (54 net) drilling locations.

Updated 2014 Guidance and Guidance for 2015

Chinook has entered into an agreement to acquire, effective September 1, 2014, approximately 1,200 boe/d (14% liquids) of production (Bluesky, Halfway and Baldonnel production) near its Birley/Umbach operations along with a 100% operated interest in a 18 mmcf/d gas plant currently connected to Westcoast’s McMahon facility and a 100% interest in a 55 kilometre-long 12 inch sales gas pipeline which intersects Chinook’s Birley/Umbach lands. The pipeline crosses third party lands being actively developed by other Montney operators and terminates at the Aitken Creek gas storage facility. The pipeline is capable of being connected to the Alliance pipeline, the Westcoast system or the proposed NGTL North Montney line. Currently, no gas is being delivered through this pipeline which provides Chinook with flexibility in respect of its gas processing and transportation options as it continues to materially increase its production from the Birley/Umbach area. Cash flow from the acquired property in fiscal 2014 is estimated at $7 million. The purchase price of the acquisition, which is expected to close on November 6, 2014, is $17 million in cash plus 3.5 net sections of non-core lands in the Wapiti area of Alberta. Chinook will fund the acquisition with existing cash on hand.

In light of the foregoing pending acquisition, lower forecasted fourth quarter commodity prices, timing delays in the on stream date of Chinook’s first Gold Creek Montney well and the closing of our Tunisia disposition in the third quarter, Chinook is updating its 2014 guidance for our Canadian operations. Chinook is also providing guidance for 2015. Both are set forth below:

Previous 2014 Guidance Updated 2014 Guidance 2015 Guidance
Average production (boe/d) 7,750-8,250 7,900-8,000 10,500-11,500
Exit production (boe/d) N/A 9,100-9,400 13,250-13,750
Cash flow ($mm)(1)(2) $58-$60 $54-$56 $62-$66
Capital expenditures ($mm)(3) $81 $93 $135
Net debt/(surplus) ($mm)(1)(2)(4) NA ($8) $60-$65
(1) 2014 Pricing assumptions: Canadian crude oil-$92.95/bbl; Canadian natural gas-$4.79/mcf.
(2) 2015 Pricing assumptions: Canadian crude oil-$84.49/bbl; Canadian natural gas-$4.08/mcf.
(3) Updated 2014 Capital Expenditures Guidance includes net acquisitions/dispositions anticipated for the year.
(4) Management is forecasting positive working capital and no drawn bank debt as at December 31, 2014.

Chinook will be releasing its third quarter financial results on November 13, 2014.

About Chinook Energy Inc.

Chinook is a Calgary-based public oil and gas exploration and development company with multi-zone conventional production and resource plays in western Canada.

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